Rob has written to his MP and Ministers about AI art and the rights of illustrators. Jon remains wracked with self doubt and incertitude. Yes, it's another cheery episode of the podcast that is and isn't about design!

December 8th, 2022 / 59:08 / Episode 113

Show Notes

This week's pies

Pie Drink Review Rating
Mince Pie from Loaf Bakery

A glass of Côte du Rhône

Quite a big pie. Needs rolling out more. More like shortbread.

Spinach and pine nut pie from Higgidy

Adnam's Ghost Ship

Very mushy. Tasty enough. Strange consistency. Homogenous.

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AI art generated from: Hollow, Soulless, capitalism, north v south podcast, pies, two white english men, design. Rubbish isn't it? North v South Cover Art