111. What is kibbled onion?

In which we bid farewell to a truly great illustrator Kim Jung Gi. We talk about how much daily graft do we put into our creative lives and are we satisfied by the output? Other news includes LEGO and D&D, Lucian Freud at the National, Bonnier Books logo, GDPR nightmare, Andy Budd's world of wisdom, followed by the ying and yang of pies.

October 5th, 2022 / 1:00:20 / Episode 111

Show Notes

  • RIP Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung Gi – How to Become a Master
  • RIP Hilary Mantel

BBC's adaptation of Wolf Hall with Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell
Emil Underbjerg's YouTube channel

This week's pies

Pie Drink Review Rating
Chicken and Stuffing Pie from Pukka Pies

Timothy Taylor's Landlord

Questionable ingredients: Kibbled onion? Pea fibre? Pastry is dry. The filling is incredibly salty. Elvis dead on a toilet salty. Not unpleasant. It's not dreadful.

Moo Beefsteak and Craft Ale Pie from Pieminister

Sheppy's Cider Farm Traditional Cider

Very crispy pastry with caremlised onions on top. Smells like a pie you would get in a pub. Just delicious.

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