North V South

The Podcast that is, and isn't, about design

Going pro

I think 77 episodes is enough to warrant a website.

We’ve been procrastinating, pondering and generally dithering about building a website for North V South since we started recording the podcast. Soundcloud appears to be a dead end for podcast hosting. We don’t have time to build a site from scratch. So we’re giving Dan Benjamin’s Fireside platform a go. It’s not perfect but it’s enough for now.

Show notes

I don’t know what it is about show notes, but it’s the only thing people have been banging on about since we started. So we now have show notes. I’m not sure we’ll bother with the older episodes but if there are specific shows you’d like notes for let me know and we’ll update them.

Series 3

77 episodes down and only 2 guests isn’t very impressive. So this series (season is something you do to your food) we’re hoping to do a whole lot more interviews. We’ve started off with Daniel Benneworth-Gray and other guests are on the pipeline.


We’ve enabled comments on this site so please leave us some messages. It’s lonely in this server farm. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast, this new site, or anything that’s caught your interest out in the world.

It really helps to promote the podcast if you leave a review of North V South over on iTunes. We still can’t get over that anyone listens to our inane ramblings. Especially in Guam.


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