Episode 59

Episode 59 - I haven't heard any fizz coming from your end


September 1st, 2017

1 hr 1 min

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About this Episode

We're back. Again. Like a bad smell that everyone knows is a decomposing rat under the floorboards but is too polite to say so.

This week our intrepid explorers of design discover the meaning of the phrases Kensington Gore and Etaoin Shrdlu, as well as looking at a £650 box of Lego, Erik Spiekermann's storm in a tweet cup, BBC Sport's new typeface and Pantone's oh-so generous donation to the Purple One's Estate*.

Our first great pie disaster means that Jon is literally scraping the floor for his pie this week.

  • This week only, we're giving away RGB 230,33,53 for FREE. Use it wherever you like.